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We offer a powerful tool for managing task and business in your very organisation as it is highly tailored and customised to your needs.

Data is the new everything, and by having a task and business management apps, you are one step closer to an effective data governance.

It empowers business users by data integration; improves decisions in real time by data availability and usability; while also controlling data usage and leading data harmonisation.


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LSP MKS has been in cooperation with CyberWhale since 2018 for digitalisation of business processes and also provision of e-assessment platforms. CyberWhale’s able to embed the vision to have a digitalisation DNA by ensuring that the portals LSP MKS using are in accordance with ISO 17024 and BNSP standards.

The biggest achievement from our good cooperation was when we got the BNSP licence to deliver a distance-assessment — and that was when the pandemic 2020 kicked in! It conveys that the digitalisation partnership really pays off, and got us a good level of readiness in facing the impact of regulation changes — CyberWhale have been able to meet the wants, the needs, and the demands from organisations and regulators in regard to digital process.

– Yusuf Munawar, S.E., M.E., ERMCP, CCGO, Chairman